ZKTEK new website launched

Making touchscreen manufacturing no MOQ now!

ZKTEK provides the no-MOQ products and solutions of touchscreen products that help you leap frog to the touchscreen&computer business.

Now is time to turn your ideas into achievements.

Save your energy in keeping the advantage over the industry: ZKTEK help you to turn your prospective into coming-weeks reality.

Making your products stand-out of your competitors in ALL aspects

Stop wasting your time on hesitate: ZKTEK provide the low over-all cost products for your business.

Our products

We provide professional special touchscreen technology and products all over the world!

From Shenzhen, ZKTEK provides the touchscreen computers, fanless computers and touchscreen kiosk terminals with the latest technology and best time-to-market strategy for your projects.


We have over 50 engineers to serve you around the clock


We have over 10 years of in-field service experience to help you reach your ROI target


We have over 200 projects and solutions all around the world


Over 500 customers are benefit from our service. We invite you to be our partner.

Popular category

Professional touchscreens

Professional touchscreens

Industrial computers

Industrial computers

Kiosk terminals

Kiosk terminals


We provide various capabilitis

We provide you with the essential capabilities to leap-frog to the touchscreen industry


Touchscreen OEM&ODM: 1/10 pcs

Computer R&D: 1/50 pcs

Kiosk terminal prototype: 1/5 pcs

Cooperative businesses

We provides the excellent turn-key service including the manufacturing, logistics, protocol couple and software network solutions.

Material sorucing

We have the best in-depth sourcing team with the close connection with the major solution provides/vendors including Intel, SAMSUNG, CPI, CUSTOM and ITL as well as more suppliers in China.

Guiding principle

We always share with our customers the latest and most adequate technology which the lowest cost of total ownership.

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