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Touchscreen kiosks
Touchscreen kiosks :

Touchscreen self-service kiosk is a small physical structure often includes a computer and a display touch screen providing services for people walking by. With all kinds of service-oriented devices such as the touchscreen, receipt printer, ticket printer, card reader, metal keyboard and other interactive devices as well as the industrial computer which is connected to the devices, touchscreen self-service kiosk can bring a lot of benefits for both sellers and buyers.

The touchscreen kiosks are the brilliant looking products that make things easier for you and your customers in most cases. You can use them for a whole range of reasons, including advertising, information searching and banking. They have a variety of applications: They can be used in shopping center to display information and in hospitals, banks, libraries, exhibitions and, schools for an endless list of reasons.

Whenever you need to display information and you want to be able to do it in a simple way then the touchscreen kiosks can help you. You have probably already seen them at a shopping centre or library before. If you have ever used one you will know how easy they are to use.

You can display all the information you need that is helpful to your customers in the one, easy to use spot. They are convenient for the customer, and also for you. It saves you time and money on human resources that you can use for other areas of your business.

There are a range of accessories you can add to the touchscreen kiosks to make sure that you will get the most out of this wonderful technology including:Stainless steel metal keyboard with trackball,Coin acceptor,Bill/check validator/acceptor/dispenser,Card reader and/or dispenser,PINhole HD Webcam,A4 Laser printer,Ticket/lable printer,Passport reader,1D/2D barcode scanner,...... more other handy devices which may be used in the self-service touchscreen kiosks.

You can custom your desired high quality kiosk with ZKTEK and we will be able to offer you more information about the possibility to increase your sales and your service time. As you can see though, ZKTEK is the expert of the touchscreen kiosks that embodies any brilliant idea to serve your customers in an easier way and in a long time service period.

If you would like more information about how ZKTEK can help you with the touchscreen kiosks in every aspect, please click here.

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