ZKTEK provides all kinds of custom OEM/ODM ATM machine,interactive kiosk,information kiosk, touchscreen kiosk, touchscreen monitor, touchscreen computer, box ipc,digital sginages, pos and metal keyboard products

Industry Products:

Stainless steel kiosk
Stainless steel kiosk :

ZKTEK stainless steel kiosks are used for outdoor applications which will need the environment protection and vandalism protection as well a lot of other protections in order to let the kiosks survive in the outdoor places:

Configurations features:

  • fan/fanless Box IPC small-form-factor industrial computer
  • water-proof vandalism-resistance anti-glare projective capacitive/SAW/Infrared/4-5 wires resistive touchscreen monitor(PnP, no need for system drivers WINDOWS 7 system or newer)
  • Kiosk I/O board with 12 input and 12 output channel
  • Integrated power supply unit with IEC13/14 D-sub/industrial connectors

Electronic features:

  • CE compliant 
  • All naked conjunction parts are covered with shield
  • All parts are labeled and categorised for clear vision identification in maintenance
  • All cables are trimmed and tubed with care for safe purse and CE/FCC compliance.
  • All naked IC parts are covered with shields.

Mechanic features:

  • With air-conditioner for high temperature deployment
  • Outdoor resistance polymer powder-coating
  • Water-tight door access
  • Airspring support system for maintenance
  • Bank PIN pad is leaned to be protected from peak according to the PCI requirements.
  • 3mm safe for the bill validator and note dispenser/7mm safe for ATM note dispenser
  • Floor caster with lockable or screw-to-lift support pad
  • Cross-bar locks with door access alarm for all doors
  • Vibration alarm for the whole system
  • Adequate 2x5W audio and 12025 dual ventilation system

The most solutions are based on ZKTEK standard procedure and has a lot of options as below:

  • Leadtime: 55-90 days to shipment
  • Package: Foam, carton, plywood case
  • OEM/ODM is also welcome.

More options available upon request.

You can find more information of the general solution information for touchscreen kiosk,information kiosk,interactive kiosk,touch kiosk,digital kiosk here.

  • Outdoor waterproof kiosks

    Outdoor waterproof kiosks are specially designed to provide the kiosks which can be withstand the water and common climate. Outdoor waterproof kiosks provides the versatility of touchscreen kiosks for outdoor public use.

    ZKTEK outdoor waterproof kiosks are customizable for the specific applications and tailored to your project: you will possible to make the outdoor kiosks with your own logo, VI and your design to integrate to your exisiting theme(s).

    ZKTEK outdoor waterproof kiosks can replace your current totem or any other solid poster into interactive outdoor waterproof kiosks.

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