ZKTEK provides all kinds of custom OEM/ODM ATM machine,interactive kiosk,information kiosk, touchscreen kiosk, touchscreen monitor, touchscreen computer, box ipc,digital sginages, pos and metal keyboard products

Industry Products:

Bill payment kiosk
Bill payment kiosk :

ZKTEK is the system solution provider for the touchscreen bill payment kiosk solutions.

Configurations features:

  • fan/fanless Box IPC small-form-factor industrial computer
  • Anti-glare projective capacitive/SAW/Infrared/4-5 wires resistive touchscreen monitor(PnP, no need for system drivers WINDOWS 7 system or newer)
  • Kiosk I/O board with 12 input and 12 output channel
  • Integrated power supply unit with IEC13/14 D-sub/industrial connectors

Electronic features:

  • CE compliant 
  • All naked conjunction parts are covered with shield
  • All parts are labeled and categorised for clear vision identification in maintenance
  • All cables are trimmed and tubed with care for safe purse and CE/FCC compliance.
  • All naked IC parts are covered with shields.

Mechanic features:

  • Airspring support system for maintenance
  • 3mm safe for the bill validator and note dispenser/7mm safe for ATM note dispenser
  • Floor caster with lockable or screw-to-lift support pad
  • Cross-bar locks for all doors
  • Adequate 2x5W audio and 12025 dual ventilation system

The most solutions are based on ZKTEK standard procedure and has a lot of options as below:

  • Leadtime: 35 days to shipment
  • Package: Foam, carton, plywood case
  • OEM/ODM is also welcome.

More options available upon request.

You can find more information of the general solution information for touchscreen kiosk,information kiosk,interactive kiosk,touch kiosk,digital kiosk here.

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