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TALARIS NMD100 Note Dispenser:

<p>TALARIS NMD100 Note Dispenser</p>


  • Type of dispenser

    - ATM cash dispenser

  • Number of cassettes

    - 2 denomination standard width cassettes

  • Width

    - 55mm to 92mm,Length: 100mm to 181mm

  • Thickness

    - 0.06mm to 0.18mm for banknotes 0.18mm to 0.32mm for other value media

  • Maximum Note Bundle/Transaction size

    - 100 ATM fit notes

  • Cassette capacity

    - :350mm, approximately 3000 banknotes, depending on thickness and quality

  • Dimensions

    - (Standard 2-denomination NMD 100)Width: 292mm;Depth: 550mm;Height: 530mm

  • Weight (without notes)

    - Standard 2-denomination NMD 100 (with cassettes) 22.2kg

  • Environment

    - Temperature: 5癈 ?50癈, 41癋 ?122癋;Relative humidity: 10% to 90%

  • Electrical Interface

    - RS232C connection provided as standard

  • Power supply requirements

    - 120V ?3A / 220-240V ?2A

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