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A4 bank printing touchscreen kiosk with invoice printer and passbook printer

Model: A4

A4 bank printing touchscreen kiosk with invoice printer and passbook printer
A4 bank printing touchscreen kiosk with invoice printer and passbook printer

A4 is a bulky bank printing kiosk for all kinds of appliations. With the bulky enclosure, A4 is capable to host a lot of large components for the bank business.

Priced from: $650


  • touchscreen

    Touchscren is well known high-tech electronics, A touchscreen is an electronic visual output that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area.

  • Rugged kiosk

    Rugged kiosk is used for the applications which needs high quality kiosks.

  • Rugged kiosk is used for the applications which needs high quality kiosks.
  • The A4 is an automated self service bank pass book printing and bank account inquiry kiosk including one 17/19" SAW touchscreen for bank pass book printer, bank account inquiry and billing&invoice. With a bulky enclosure of high reliability bank pass book printer, receipt and invoice printer,the credit/debit card reader and EPP combo, A4 is ideal for the bank account management including list printing.

    By adopting the most up-to-date technology and powerful high performance industrial computer for 24/7 use, The bulky touch screen kiosk is design to cater the increasing demand of the banking industry for the featured easy-to-use operate account management kiosks. The bank owners will benefit from the multi-functional ways to quickly and conveniently manage the account and print the bank pass book with the high reliability kiosk solution in compact and sturdy design at a reasonable cost.

    Now, A4 features the most latest technologies:

    •  The complete clean and smooth front interface with projective capacitive touchscreen monitors(optional)
    •  The state of art design and good finishing of outlook surface
    •  High reliable industrial computer with the latest HASWELL server technology
    •  Embedded high-speed high-reliability bank pass book printer
    •  Hybrid motorised 3-in-1 bank card reader
    •  Dot matrix impact invoice printer
    •  Optional SIM socket for cellular radio 4G/LTE connectivity
    •  Optional bulky components such as change giver and A4 laser printer for list printing

    A4 is the accoutable solution for the high foot traffic and high quality service banks in 24/7 work-time. With ZKTEK, you will have the tools and support you need for a successful self service automated bank kiosk.

    OEM/ODM/BRANDING are also welcome.



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  • Configurations

    • Sturdy kiosk for banks with invoice printer Specifications

      Name Item Parameter
      Dotmatrix Printer Printer type Dotmatrix bank pass book printer
      Printer head lifespan More than 400,000,000 actuations
      Character set All language character set optional
      Speed >= 460CPS
      Cartrige dot duration 3,000,000 times actuations
      Temperature 5-35C
      RH 15%-85% NC
      Reliability MTBF>=10000
      MTTR <=30min
      Compatibility Support IBM and OKI simulation
      Interface LPT,RS232 or USB
      Touchscreen Type 17 inch SAW touchscreen
      Durability Scratch-free,More than 35,000,000 touches in one location without failure
      - antirust, anti-acid, anti-dust
      Thickness 6mm
      Resolution 4096x1096
      Light Transmission 90%-92%
      Surface Hardness Mohs
      Touch force <100g
      Response Time 16ms
      Interface USB
      LCD Type 17 inch TFT LCD
      Brightness 300cd/m2
      Contrast 2000:1
      Max(native). resolution 1024*768
      Response Time 6ms
      Dot pitch 0.197
      Interface LVDS,VGA or DVI
      Thermal Printer Printer Type Themal Printer,
      Paper width 80mm
      Paper roll diameter 180mm
      Paper thickness 60 to 120g/m2
      Print Speed 220mm/s
      Print resolution 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
      Sensors Automatic cutter only;out alarm/to be run out alarm,Jam
      Power supply 24VDC5A
      Interface RS232 / USB / Ethernet
      Dotmatrix Printer Printer type Dotmatrix stylus rinter
      Width 76mm
      Paper roll diameter 160mm
      Print Speed 80mm/s
      Sensors Automatic cutter;out alarm/to be run out alarm,Jam
      Temperature 5-35C
      RH 15%-85% NC
      Reliability MTBF>=10000
      MTTR <=30min
      Compatibility Support IBM and OKI simulation
      Interface LPT,RS232 or USB
      Card Reader Type Hibrid motorised automatic card reader:magnetic, smart IC card and RFID
      - With shutter(optional)
      Magnetic card ISO/IEC 7811 JIS X6301/6302 tr1&2&3 read
      IC card ISO/IEC 7816 JIS X6303 read/write
      RFID(contactless) card ISO 7816 read/write
      - ISO/IEC 15693(NFC)
      Standards EMV Ver.4.0 compliant for IC and magnetic card
      Interface USB/RS-232
      Card Reader Type Contactless card reader:M1 and RFID
      RFID(contactless) card ISO 14443 A/B read/write
      - ISO/IEC 15693(NFC)
      Interface USB/RS-232
      Metal EPP Type 3DES encrypted EPP
      - Waterproof 16 keys stainless steel metal keypad
      Keys laser print or chemical etch keys filled with color ink
      Super durability over 2,000,000 times with 0.45mm knock gap
      Press strength 2N with temperature range -40℃~65℃
      Standards Compatible with CE, RoHS, FCC
      Interface RS-232 + USB or USB
      OS Version WINDOWS XP
      Enclosure Type of enclosure Wall through durable all-steel enlcosure
      Type of paint Powder coated front, powder coated steel back covers
      Style Ergonomically sleek and smart design
      - Easy to install and operate with internal drawers
      Ventilation Internal fans for ventilation
      Protection Security mechanic locks
      Environment Moistureproof,Antirust,Anti-acid,Static free
      Wheels (optional)
      UPS Voltage range 170V~255VAC
      Power Rate 1000VA/600W
      Capacity 12VV/60WX1
      Transfergap 6ms;
      Overload power 1000W
      Self-protection overload protection;Error led alert; RJ45/RJ11
      Interface USB/RS-232
      Camera Camera Type CMOS
      Resolution 2MP active pixels
      Functions Auto-focus
      Interface USB2.0 High Speed(EHCI)
      Audio AUDIO Stereo amplified speakers: dual channel 5W8Ohm
      Package Material Plywood crate
      Wrapper Film
      Foam (only corners)
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