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Ticket printing kiosks

Ticket printing kiosks :

Ticket printing kiosks should be the first-choice solution for you if you are about to run a business based on ticket vending: they are built for the tickets industry. They are ideal for the 24/7 working time to extend your service for lottery, bus station, metro, cinema, mall, parking system and all kinds of personnel control systems. Nowadays, ticketing kiosks are notticket-printing-kiosks fast-ticket-kiosk only used for generating the tickets, but they are also used to sell all kinds of value-able items such as paper token, recharge voucher, bar-code and postal labels etc. 

People use the ticketing kiosks for mainly 3 reasons:
>Dramatically reduce the cost per transaction as well as employee overhead not required.
>Fast approach to the service
>Extend the service time

In order to achieve the best outcome of the above 3 main points, there are several issues which you should take into count:
>Can the kiosk survive the environment of the deployment?
To deploy the kiosk in MOSCOW is very different to deploy the kiosk in some other cities: the temperature will easily kill the kiosks

>Can the software easy to program and use?e-ticket kiosk
The main factor for the success is the acceptance of the users and also the ability of the software programmer to meet the expectation of the users.
>Can the kiosk trust worth?
In most cases, the failure is somehow related to the poor hardware which is not fully functional as wish in 24/7. Once the kiosk is fail, the users may never come back.
>Can the kiosk be upgraded easily for the minor changes in our business>
The only thing that never changes is: everything is changing. If the customer find another suitable ticket printer for the kiosks: should I throw the old ones and build another new one>

With the above consideration, we need to find a suitable kiosk vendor to fabricate your kiosks. Before approach to a ticket printing kiosks vendor, these are the homework which you should study the deployment of the ticket printing kiosks as below:
outdoor ticket kiosk >Temperature range
>Software feasibility such as OS compatibility, SDK availability
>Ticket thickness
>Ticket length
>Ticket printing requirements
>The possible changes of the kiosk printers as well as the interface

ZKTEK provides the following solutions for the ticketing printing kiosks suitable for the wide range applications.
Host computer: B85 industrial computer with Intel XEON E1225v3
Touchscreen monitor: Projective capactive touchscreen monitor
Bill acceptor: CASHCODE MSM/SM
Cash dispenser: 
Ticket printer: CUSTOM VK80
Metal keyboard: Cherry keys metal keyboard with touch pad or trackball
Credit card reader: Dip/motorised card reader
Metal EPP: 
Signature pad:

Above these, ZKTEK also provides the custom service to build the kiosk solution based on your requirements, and tailored for your requirements.

ticket printing kiosks indoor ticket kiosksticket printing kiosks recharge value ticket kiosks

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