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Digital signages
Digital signages :

Digital signages are used for the applications such as advertisement, signage and other information related applications. They can provide the interactive function to enhance the experience of such applications.

Digital signages are the perfect choice for the interactive advertisement applications. As a result, they are often used in airports, buses, fastfood restaurants, museums, sporting center, jewry shopes, super mall, brand stores and all kinds of advertisement applications especially for high-end brands.

In these applications, the digital signages are the devices which influence the potential customers to increase sales and extend the brand presence.

There are several occasions which the digital signages are useful: Outdoor advertisement,Information billboard,Season promotion,New brand introduction,Onscreen shopping,Online store ordering,Public information,Educational spots,Un-attended sales,...... more other interactive advertisement devices.

We can custom the high quality the digital signages with a wide range of touchscreen technology:  7 inch,12 inch,15 inch,17 inch,19 inch,21.5 inch,32 inch,42 inch,43 inch,46 inch,47 inch,50 inch,52 inch,64 inch,70 inch,84 inch,and other 1080P full HD and true-4k high definition advertisement systems.

If you would like more information about how ZKTEK can help you with the digital signages in every aspect, please click here.

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