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S1 stainless steel freestanding touchscreen kiosk

Model: S1

S1 stainless steel freestanding touchscreen kiosk
S1 stainless steel freestanding touchscreen kiosk

S1 is a stainless steel freestanding touchscreen kiosk

Priced from: $650


  • S1 is a stainless steel freestanding touchscreen kiosk

  • Configurations

    • S series touchscreen kiosk Specifications

      Name Item Parameter
      Host PC CPU Onboard Intel bay trail dual-core J1800/J1900, dual core 2.41GHz~2.58GHz, 1333MHz FSB
      Video core Integrated Intel HD graphics graphic card support 1920*1080 full HD
      RAM 1*SO-DIMM(1.35V low voltage),DDR3 RAM 4GB(Max 8GB)
      Storage 2* Serial ATA II, support 3Gb/s
      - 500G HDD(legacy 2.5″ hard driver)
      Touchscreen Monitor Touch technology 17" projective capacitive touch
      Multi-touch points 1
      LCD display Resolution 1280x1024(LCD)
      Touch screen Resolution 4096x4096
      Durability Scratch-free,More than 35,000,000 touches in one location without failure
      Thickness 6mm; Resolution: 4096x 096; Light Transmission:90%~92%
      Protection Vandalism proof, antirust, anti-acid, anti-dust
      Surface Hardness Mohs
      Touch force <100g; Response Time:16ms; Agency Approval:CE, FCC
      Impact protection Withstand the impact of a 500g steel ball, dropped from a height of 1.3 meters
      Interface: USB
      Power supply (over USB)
      MTBF >50000 hrs
      Barcode Scanner Decoding capability Read almost all formats of 1D and 2D barcode
      Scan width(degree) +/-65 degree; Scan angle: 360 degree Movement tolarence
      Minimium size 5 mil (PDF 417, UPCA, Code 39)
      Interface RS232/USB
      Power supply 5V or via USB
      Brand TECLY
      Movement tolarence 4 inch/second
      Enclosure Type of enclosure Durable all stainless steel enlcosure
      Type of paint Powder coated front, powder coated steel back covers
      Style Ergonomically sleek and smart design
      - Easy to install and operate with internal drawers
      Ventilation Internal fans for ventilation
      Protection Security mechanic locks
      Environment Moistureproof,Antirust,Anti-acid,Static free
      Wheels (optional)
      Audio AUDIO Stereo amplified speakers: dual channel 5W8Ohm
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